Expanding My Cybercafe Business By Creating Distributed Wireless Networks For Social Wifi Marketing

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Am a small Internet Service Provider where I operate a cybercafe. My goal is to expand this business by installing Wifi Hotspots Access Points in various public places like bars, restaurants, hotels, apartments and shopping malls that are located here in my small town.



The idea is to employ Social Media Marketing as a business whereby I offer managed free and/or paid Internet  Access to the customers/clients who visit these public places with their smart phones, tablets and laptops. The local businesses will put advertisements on my wireless network portal such that whenever a client connect to the network, S/He is directed to a landing/splash page which contain paid advertisement, before proceeding to the desired website. This way I will provide much needed Internet access to clients for a small charge and also earn from paying advertisers



The reason why this project has great potential is that for the first time, I have a solution whereby I can roll out Wide Area Managed Wireless Internet Hotspots to many Social places like restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, apartments public parks..etc by employing affordable cloud based and easy to manage Wireless Access Points using Tanaza Cloud Managed Wifi Solution.

By using Tanaza Cloud Managed Wifi Solution, I will be able to buy affordable and vendor agnostic Access Points like TP-Link, Mikrotik, Alfa, Ubiquiti and others to quickly add hotpots where needed. The Tanaza Cloud Infrastructure is a world class reliable and secure multi-tenant cloud controller for affordable, multi-vendor Access Points without buying expensive hardware controllers

Here in Kenya, and thanks to affordable Android powered devices, more people especially the youth, are connecting to the internet using Android smartphones and tablets rather than laptops and PCs. Installing wifi hotspots and giving affordable internet to them is a potentially a big niche market especially here since GSM network operators offer very expensive internet bundles.

Convergence of low cost, Multi-vendor, cloud controlled APs and Wifi Social Marketing is enticing in any niche market, especially in developing countries whereby we have more Android smartphones and tablets than laptop or PCs

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I will donate and invest 20-75 USD per month (depending on my business income) back in Fundedflow to help other needy projects I will promote my backers, donators and investors by posting their products & services web links on my wifi landing/splash pages Offering 1 hour free wireless internet connection per day to my local clients, donators,and investors so as to promote my business

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David Muiruri Kariuki
+254 720 607570
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