The 13 year old computer games company based in the Netherlands is using the crowdfunding platform fundedflow to raise US$ 100,000. “We are crowdfunding to expand the business” said CEO of Xing Interactive B.V, Alex de Vries.

Xing Interactive has a had a solid 13 year track record in the games industry, with a focus on development and publishing. What makes Xing Interactive a solid investment opportunity is the experience and interesting range of games they produce such as puzzle and adventure genres. “We have developed and published over 300 games and have existing international distribution channels in 32 countries” CEO Alex told fundedflow.

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Recently Dutch regulators in Holland opened the gates by allowing any company, for example Apple, BMW or your local Gas firm – to issue its own open SIM card, these SIM’s would not be configured to any specific carrier. This is an example of the first country to change the rules but what would happen if others follow the Netherlands lead? There could be big changes to the way we purchase mobile phones and services not to mention wider access to the internet.

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Recently, the Financial Times published its annual Study on European Cities and Regions of the Future for 2014/2015. In this study, Eindhoven, located in the Netherlands, was ranked third European city of the future after London and Helsinki.

The city of Eindhoven is a new entry to this specific list, thanks in part to the incubation facilities existing in the local technology campus. Below are nine reasons that make Eindhoven a dream place for tech startups. Tech refers to sectors like semiconductors, nanotechnology, advanced materials, health tech, Internet and web based apps.

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