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Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox goes dark after big hit to virtual currency

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Bitcoin has in recent months, received increased interest and gained wider acceptance as payment method, it has also has picked up a growing volume of large venture capital investors. The current price of around US$517 per bitcoin, the total estimated circulation is worth an approximate US$6.4 billion.

Source 2014-02-26

Digital wallets are used for investors who deposit their bitcoines at specific exchanges, this means that the Mt. Gox shutdown is the same as a bank locking its doors. People cannot retrieve or withdraw their funds. A recent document purported to be a cris plan for Mt Gox has surfaced across the web, which said over 745,000 bitcoins were “missing due to malleability-related theft” and noted that Mt. Gox had $US174 millions in liabilities against $32.75 million in assets. It’s so far has not been possible to assess the exchanges financial situation or verify the document.

If correct it would mean that approximately 6 per cent of the 12.4 million bitcoins minted, technically known in the bitcoin community as “mined” would be considered missing. Worrying times ahead for the bitcoin community.


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