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Saturday, 22 February 2014 00:00 What is Semalt? Explained

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The Mysterious World of Keyword Analytic's and Semalt SEO

Recently we found out about “Semalt” after some of our networking community reported that one of their websites had the domain name appearing multiple times in their traffic logs. Fundedflow decided to do some investigation and upon an initial visit to the Semalt website there appears to be little or no documentation on exactly who they are or what they offer. On landing at the Semalt home page it reveals very little except a login box and registration options. Further inspection and some digging around elsewhere reveals the company is based in the Netherlands and that the website offers Key word and ranking analytics tools, along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

On landing at the Semalt home page it reveals very little except a login box and registration options

Many blogs and posts it seems, purport that Semalt could be a threat or some kind of guerrilla marketing platform. “Isn't it convenient that so many websites have been finding Semalt in their logs and curiously go to their website, only to find a registration and login page” said one blogger.


Google groups and Adsense forums also had bloggers concerend. 



Others say that the curiosity factor is what drives people to register and thus Semalt gathers registrations, traffic and website data from these curious new users. Another issue that posters claim as worrisome is that Semalt provides an option to login through your google account, thus potentially collecting google or account related information. One blogging site went as far as to write an open letter to Semalt who did reply, you can read the official Semalt reply here.

Fundedflow visited Semalt's own blog where they describe themselves as "a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for the market monitoring" They describe their services as monitoring for your and your competitors' positions, tracking and comprehensible analytics business information. They bizarrely go on to say say "We don't keep our faces and contact details from you" and ramble on about not hiding anything and open to cooperation to concerned parties. Should we be concerned... but the real question is, does anyone know exactly who the team or person behind Semalt is yet?


We took the plunge and decided to register and find out what Semalt really offers. After providing some basic details such as our URL and some key words that apply to us we are taken to a dashboard and are given some ranking indicators as to where and if our words are in the Top 100.

The Semalt set up screen and process



7 day countdown displays that you are on a time limited trial.  Clicking through takes you to some further information on paid services that Semalt provide.


Some options are offered and suggestions and there is also a tab for competitor analysis. The competitor analysis is what we assume is why people have been finding the Semalt name in their traffic log reports. However does the semalt team use very clever marketing tactics and run a series of analysis themselves in order to get people curious and head over to them just as we did?, either way Semalt certainly does provide some good tools, analysis and analytics that can be very helpful to marketers and webmasters. Fundedflow certainly can see that it could have potential benefits in building your keyword strategy. On face value Semalt does spark up some initial mystery but after review its seems to be just another website analytics tool with a clear focus on keyword search (SEO)


The Dashboard metrics, showing your websites keyword rankings within the Top 100

Your key words and how they are ranked

A display of your competitor ranking, this is where we asume the worrying interogation of websites is stemming form, the issue is does it originate from genuine webmasters using this tool to help them improve there own rankings by seeing who is at the top or simply Semalt sending out these scans in a cleaver way to attract and build its client and user base. 


We concluded that Semalt does provides some interesting tools and if used in the right way can build powerful  insights and potential strategy for achieving "Top 100 Ranking" through key word building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques .

Semalt claim to have clients such as Soundcloud, The New York Times, Adobe, Netflix and Poker Stars to name a few.

Other tools that are available to webmaster, developers and marketers alike are the old favorites such as Googles Key word tool which has now been replaced by Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that is integrated in to the Google Adwords suite of resources. Indeed this is clearly aimed at Google’s paid Adwords platform but the resources here are good as you can monitor extract and get suggestions on top performing Google Key words.

Google stays ahead on its global market share, with a dominating 71% across all devices.


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