Do you need to raise funds to get your idea off the ground?

You’ve got a brilliant business idea, but your bank lacks your vision. (Or perhaps you lack the collateral.)

Maybe you reached out to friends and family, but you know they lost their shirts when your brother-in-law’s salmon-flavored energy drink flopped. Is this the death of your nascent business?

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The following crowdfunding press release template has been developed by fundedflow for you to use as a guide for writing your own press release, for your crowdfunding campaign. Feel free to copy and paste this into your own text editor and use as you like.


Sample Crowdfunding Press Release

Gaming Startup Weststar Media Partners Sets To Raise US$ 100,000 through Crowdfunding Platform Fundedflow


By Brian Cohen

April 10, 2014

San Jose, CA – New Startup Weststar Media partners announced today that it will be launching a seed round funding campaign using the crowdfunding platform effective April 21, 2014. The company is targeting to raise up to US$ 100,000 to launch its brand new gaming app utility on the apple iphone, ipad and android in the next 3 months. Company CEO Bryce Knight gave a webinar last week telling entrepreneurs in the gaming community about the apps innovative technology that is set to change how gamers network and multiplayers conect online.

Weststar expect to grow investor confidence and widen its customer base. In addition to ipad and iphone games, Weststar also will now also be developing for the android and windows based systems. When asked why the company decided to go with crowdfunding, Bryce Knight was quoted as saying “we decided to use crowdfunding as individuals are able to effectively make a decision about what they want before a product is developed, this type of commitment is the foundation of how we are building our business as an on demand services”.

Crowdfunding has gone on to be one of the faster ways to launch a company and earlier this year creative crowdfunding platform kickstarter announced they had hit the US$ 1 Billion mark through crowdfunded projects.
More information is expected to be released following a shareholders meeting later this month.

About Weststar Media Partners

Weststar was set up San Jose at the end of 2013 and is owned by Bryce and Jean Knight. It has enjoyed early success with the free prototype game called rollerblase, which was released on the apple iphone and ipad in January this year, the free game received an astounding total of over 1 million downloads in under one month, making it the hottest game of the year.  The company is now seeking crowdfunding to expand and intends to hire 6 full time developers and a sales distribution manager.

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By Brian Cohen
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The crowdfunding industry is hitting its stride. Kickstarter announced recently it has topped $1 billion in pledges for its rewards-based opportunities, and peer-to-peer lending leader Lending Club is preparing for its IPO.

The potential impacts of crowdfunding on the economy and entrepreneurship are staggering. But while rewards-based crowdfunding provides the lowest cost capital a company can raise, not everyone is a winner in this finance model. As Korstiaan Zandvliet, founder of Dutch crowdfunding platform, Symbid said: ”Isn’t it a shame that some of the companies funded through [rewards-based] forms of crowdfunding will go on to make large profits, and all you ever got was a t-shirt?”

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Every entrepreneur and would be startup will remember in 2013 when Yahoo snapped up Tumblr for US$1.1Billion, and the story of its founder, entrepreneur David Karp. At only the age of 27, Karp is estimated to have received around US$220 million from the deal. So how did Karp actually get set up in the first place, although he eventually raised capital through venture funding, Karp launched his hugely successful social blogging platform from a simple idea. His inspirational story paves the way for many young visionary dreaming about launching their own startup business and the next big idea in the market. Here are 10 tips from the business blogging community for creating the next big startup success story, from a simple idea:

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Every business needs a marketing plan, whether a huge corporation or a simple one man band startup. That means you!

These 10 steps will be covered in three parts and will help provide the basic outline of what you need to do and how to prepare. Marketing plans are similar to your business plan and will help you keep focused and make decisions on how and where to resource and manage your channels. Having a marketing plan will not be a definite answer to success but will provide you with a better chance to achieve your objectives and ultimately accomplish the goal. Through the plan you will be able to work through checkpoints and deadlines that will allow you to track in detail when and how to action marketing activities, test, optimise and fine-tune until your plan is generating the most desired results. This is one of the most important factors as it will raise your success rate and ROI (return on investment). The research and effort you put into your plan will also provide you with valuable industry and business insight into your marketplace.

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