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Butlur a startup gift service for clueless men

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Jessica Lam and Brian Chin are the co-founders of BUTLUR, a service for well-meaning but often clueless men that want to choose the perfect gift for the women in their lives.
Also the winners of the Microsoft Venture Competition, Brian was a former investment analyst at a $40 billion investment fund in New York while Jessica worked in fashion retail at Gucci and also founded an online lifestyle store called PandaSundae. Both with economics degrees under their belts, the nexus point for these two co-founders was at Columbia Business School. Men can sign up to become a member starting today, just in time to get help on side-stepping one of the biggest gift-giving dilemmas known as Valentine's Day. "Most men, including myself, don't mind spending money to make women happy, but it's difficult and time- consuming to find the perfect gift," said Brian. Jessica agreed, "Men typically lack the time and patience to discover emerging brands with unique backstories, but those are the kinds of gift that will impress women." 

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