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10 Startups In Asia To Look Out For

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Our latest selection of startups in Asia to look out for 


1. Ookbee

Thailand Ookbee, an online ebook store from Thailand, which claims to be Southeast Asia’s number one ebookstore startup based on app downloads, has received a series B investment from Tokyo-based IT outsourcing firm Transcosmos.


2. Weipin

China Weipin is an online marketplace for homeowners in China to find and hire live-in ayi – a colloquial term for maids. The startup works with local agencies that act as middlemen between maids and the homeowners who ultimately hire them. Each woman is set up with a sort of resume page that includes a one-minute introduction video.


3. Moglue

South Korea Moglue provides users an easy way to create ebooks and interactive ebook apps using a simple, drag-and-drop interface. It has been revealed that Moglue’s tech and source codes have been acquired, for an undisclosed sum, by US-based Auryn and Korean platform Bookjam.


4. GiftLauncher

Philippines On Philippines’s Giftlauncher, users can create a wishlist to be shared on Facebook so the user’s family and friends know what he or she wants as a present. Then, friends and family members can contribute through the wishlist link. The idea is simple and paves the way for people to actually receive the gift that they want to have, and not just a hit-or-miss thing from a store.


5. 5Rocks

South Korea Founded in 2010, 5Rocks is a Korean mobile game analytics startup which lets game developers track game-playing behavior by specific segment in real-time. Users can also get actionable marketing insight through cohort analysis.


6. InstaB

Malaysia First launched in March 2013, InstaB is a mix of Instagram and Path for chronicling your baby’s everyday activities. This week, the startup released a new feature called Baby Q&A which allows parents to attach a photo to the query. It can be seen by other users of the app. The idea is that one or more people will weigh in with some crowdsourced help.


7. Guestlist

Philippines Started in 2010, Guestlist is an app that puts users on guest lists at Manila’s clubs with a mission to make clubbing a better experience through technology.


8. Insatsu Hikaku

Japan Started in 2009, Insatsu Hikaku is a website from Japan that helps users compare prices among printing companies. In 2012, Matsumoto’s startup received an investment from Yahoo Japan, Nissay Capital, and Anri fund. With money in the bank, the founder leveraged on Insatsu Hikaku’s database to set up Raksul, an ecommerce site focusing on printing, in March 2013.


9. Zopim

Singapore This week, Zopim, a Singapore-based startup well-known for its live customer support chat widget, has been acquired by San Francisco’s Zendesk, a 500-strong customer support company that has filed for an IPO where it intends to raise US$150 million.


10. CoinPlug

South Korea South Korea’s Coinplug is a bitcoin exchange that developed a wallet and merchant payment software. The startup announced that it raised a second round of funding from Silicon Valley VCs this week.

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