What are the best tips for running a successful crowdfunding campaign for startups using www.fundedflow.com, kickstarter, indiegogo or any other crowdfunding platform

1 Put in the Required Hours
Common failure of crowdfunding campaigns is that project creators often don't realize the intense amount of work required throughout the campaign to make it successful. You will be talking, emailing, pitching, tweeting and posting all day, every day. If managing your crowdfunding campaign doesn't become your full-time job throughout the campaign, then its odds of success decrease dramatically.

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Need some crazy crowdfunding ideas, well take a look at our selection from the wacky pile. You thought that some of these ideas were dumb, but actually could be ingenious...

1) Jafflechutes

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… oh wait, its a toasted cheese sandwich being delivered in a parachute. In what may be one of the craziest (and most fun) crowdfunding venture to date, the team behind Jafflechutes are taking a love of melted cheese to a whole new level – in some cases seven floors up. They plan to ‘drop in’ on New York City very soon. Those who pre-order can nominate the time they’d like to receive jaffles (aka: toasted sandwiches) and will receive instructions about where to go to await their special delivery. (Source:Pozible)

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The crowdfunding industry is hitting its stride. Kickstarter announced recently it has topped $1 billion in pledges for its rewards-based opportunities, and peer-to-peer lending leader Lending Club is preparing for its IPO.

The potential impacts of crowdfunding on the economy and entrepreneurship are staggering. But while rewards-based crowdfunding provides the lowest cost capital a company can raise, not everyone is a winner in this finance model. As Korstiaan Zandvliet, founder of Dutch crowdfunding platform, Symbid said: ”Isn’t it a shame that some of the companies funded through [rewards-based] forms of crowdfunding will go on to make large profits, and all you ever got was a t-shirt?”

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Would you like a mentor with that crowdfunding campaign of yours?

If so, crowdfunding site CrowdIt is now providing just that.

The startup is rolling out its “Suits” program, which provides experts ranging from lawyers and accountants to accredited investors and consultants. These experts then act as advisors and resources before, during, and after the fundraising.

Unlike crowdfunding competitors such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which focus on the fundraising part of the launching and growing of a project, CrowdIt believes there should be a community that entrepreneurs can be part of even after they’ve gathered their funds. Suits is a major piece of this bigger vision.

This month, Mashable announced Sevenly as the winner of America's Most Social Small Business. The three-year-old social good apparel company has gone from a closet office with four employees to a 33-person operation that's raised more than $3 million for charities around the world. Read on to learn how Sevenly harnessed the power of social media to change the way people think about — and wear — charity.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

17 Asian Startups That Caught Our Attention

1 Art of Click | Singapore

Singapore-based Art of Click, is a mobile marketing agency and ad network that insists on charging clients based on results. In other words, it charges only if there’s a successful download, purchase, or registration.

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With recent talk of early-stage startups being squeezed out of the Old Street area of East London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ (or Tech City, to give it its UK government sanctioned name), it’s no surprise to see a new startup crop up to help other startups in the city find suitable office space. Spacious, founded by Tushar Agarwal and Tom Watson last November as part of the Entrepreneur First programme, is an online marketplace for startup office space, initially targeting companies in London.

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If its good enough for Facbook...

Chinese online retail giant Alibaba has jumped into the messaging market with a $215 million investment in Tango, a four-year-old messaging and social-networking app.

Part of a total fundraising round of $280 million, the investment provides Tango with capital to compete in the increasingly high-stakes competition between messaging apps that has blossomed outside the U.S.

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If you only focus on the multi-billion dollar valuations of young companies like Pinterest, Uber and Snapchat, you might assume 2013 has been a very good year for tech startups. In reality, it has been more of a bittersweet year.

Many early-stage companies struggled to raise a Series A rounds of funding, a phenomenon commonly referred to as the "Series A Crunch," which for some meant to fight for their survival. Meanwhile, several later-stage companies like Fab and Rdio laid off large portions of their staff to rein in costs.

Even so, plenty of promising startups raised funds and launched (or teased) exciting features this year in markets ranging from mobile payments to media. What's more, the success of Twitter's IPO has boosted investor interest in other social startups and may help revive the market for tech IPOs, which suffered after Facebook's troubled public offering in 2012.

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Darren Westlake of Crowdcube knows what it is like to start a business. It was the very same process now faced by many of his customers that was to be the genesis of Crowdcube. After experiencing the difficulties of obtaining financing first hand as an entrepreneur, Darren noticed that the financial sector had not adopted technology, which could lead to greater efficiency and access to capital for small businesses. Enter Crowdcube.

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