Just a month back, Vietnamese Dong Nguyen created Flappy Bird, which became a global hit. Following its success, two Filipino developers created Pugo, the now-famous Philippine version of Flappy Bird. Pugo was developed by a Filipino couple, Patrick and Camy Cabral, with a simple desire to release their first mobile game. It just so happened that Pugo was placed on the App Store right after Nguyen removed Flappy Bird. This led to a good number of downloads for the game. In an Instagram post by Patrick two weeks ago, it showed that Pugo hit the top spot in the Philippine App Store only 48 hours after the game was published. At the moment, the developers are still unable to track the daily unique users of the app, but according to its in-app leaderboard, there are already more than 107,000 players that has a recorded score on Pugo.

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How did a chain-smoking geek from Hanoi design the viral hit Flappy Bird - and why did he walk away?

Last April, Dong Nguyen, a quiet 28-year-old who lived with his parents in Hanoi, Vietnam, and had a day job programming location devices for taxis, spent a holiday weekend making a mobile game. He wanted it to be simple but challenging, in the spirit of the Nintendo games he grew up playing. The object was to fly a bug-eyed, big-lipped, bloated bird between a series of green vertical pipes. The quicker a player tapped the screen, the higher the bird would flap. He called it Flappy Bird.
The game went live on the iOS App Store on May 24th. Instead of charging for Flappy Bird, Nguyen made it available for free, and hoped to get a few hundred dollars a month from in-game ads.

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