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Crowdfunding Keeps Growing in Japan


Crowdfunding keeps growing in Japan as politicians see a way to channel household savings to entrepreneurs!

TAKAYAMA, Japan—When microbrewery owner Saburo Setsuda needed to replace a bottling machine last year, his bank said no to a loan but introduced him to a Tokyo firm that helped him raise funds online.

"I remember thinking it was almost too good to be true," said Mr. Setsuda, who had piled up ¥10 million ($98,000) in outstanding bank loans. He is one of a number of Japanese entrepreneurs, from fashion designers to restaurant operators, who are turning to online fundraising, known as crowdfunding, when regular banks won't help.

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Equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest just completed its Series A round of funding by reaching out to investors through its own platform.

To build a startup, you’ve got to believe in your mission. Big time. That’s why the co-founder of apartment-rental site Airbnb never stays in hotels. And that’s why the SeedInvest team raised its first round of funding through equity crowdfunding.

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Crowdfunding growth still escalating according to latest information released by the

Just a couple of years ago, providing answers to some of the most common questions on crowdfunding and growdfunding growth, was based evenly between limited anecdotal evidence and general hearsay.

But as with any fledgling industry moving towards maturity, more and more data has started to appear that makes answering these questions a bit easier. One recent mountain of data on the crowdfunding world and the growth of crowdfunding that just arrived contains a plethora of information.

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Among many tech based startups today, there's a general belief that they'll never actually have to achieve profitability.

But not every company can count on getting bought by Facebook for a cool $19 billion.

And, of course, those companies who don’t get bought by Google, Facebook or Yahoo will have to fend for themselves. The best way to do this? Become profitable.

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Brian Acton still hasn't fully come to terms with the idea of his new life as a a billionaire and Facebook employee.

Acton, one of the two cofounders of WhatsApp, opened up about his personal feelings on the pending Facebook acquisition in his first speaking engagement ever at StartX, a startup incubator affiliated with Stanford University, on Wednesday night.

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 Uber on Friday announced that it had raised $1.2 billion, bringing its valuation to $17 billion.

"It’s remarkable that it was only four years ago this week Uber started operations in [San Francisco], connecting residents with the safest, most reliable way to get around the city," CEO Travis Kalanick wrote in a blog entry. "Today, we are operating in 128 cities in 37 countries around the world with hundreds of thousands of transportation providers and millions of consumers connecting to our platform." Kalanick wrote the "total raise" for Uber will be $1.4 billion with a second round of investors "soon."

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Successful Crowdfunding is there a way to learn how to do it right? Hundreds of campaigners have approached us for advice, so here are three important lessons for success with crowdfunding.

1. Do your research

We put a tremendous amount of time into researching best practices for successful crowdfunding. We read articles on websites and eBooks by successful campaigners, listen to podcasts and interviews from successful crowdfunding campaigners.

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