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Reaction Inc, Exo Housing System Provides Rapid Response Sheltering

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In this weeks feature Fundedflow takes a look at Reaction Inc, a US company based in Austin, Texas. The company who launched in July 2013, develops and produces emergency housing shelters in the form of mobile accommodation units. There initial products is called the Exo Housing System, and is a portable shelter made out of a lightweight composite. The shelters can be moved by had but are robust enough to stop bullets. The units also incorporate a unique shelving and bed stacking system which allows for a dynamic use of the unit dependant on situations. The Exo also flat packs and can be stacked like a set of plastic cups for storage and transportation. The units can be set up within 2 minutes and are not dependant on any tools or machinery.

Watch the video to find out more about Reaction Inc, and the founder Michael McDanielm

The company has also gone on to develop an inventory and management system called “Populous” that compliments the Exo units by embedding wireless technology to provide real-time reporting and system control to the Populous app. The app allows a customer to manage a single unit or multiple deployment of the inventory.

Reaction has been disruptive and have received attention from NASA, FEMA and even the likes of Apple.

In wake of global natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina in 2005, and catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake in Haiti in 2010 this is what we at fundedflow call “benefit tech” as the application of this product in these type of crisis situations certainly can provide humanitarian and emergency benefits.


The founder

 I want to design and 
build products 
to make this world a better place. Good design changes people's lives and that is what excites me - truly helping others through design 

Michael McDanielm – CEO, is a highly respected strategist, designer, and inventor whose work has been recognized for numbers design awards, and patents. His work has also been featured in several publications. He routinely speaks on the topic of design with multiple appearances at TED, PSFK, PopTech and Creative Mornings.
Prior to founding Reaction, Michael was a Principal Designer at a leading design and innovation consultancy, frog design. At frog, Michael led interdisciplinary teams to create a variety of new products and services for Fortune 100 clients including AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Best Buy, Disney, Comcast, MTV, and Sprint Nextel. 
His innovative work for Hewlett-Packard led to several client filed patents. Previous to his work at frog design, Michael was an Associate at the Austin, Texas based design consultancy fd2s where he designed several patient experience systems for clients such as the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.



  • Exo units are comprised of a proprietary composite shell
  • Aluminum super structure that can be made bullet proof
  • Extremely light weight and recyclable


  • Exo units contain active and passive electronic systems.
  • Passive system tracks physical inventory
  • Active system makes lighting, climate control, security and remote monitoring possible.
  • Active electronics package enables door locking and unlocking remotely, 
  • Data reporting includes current temperature, to flame/smoke detection
  • Logging and tracking of long term unit efficiency. 
  • Overseeing this mesh network is the Node.js server, which manages the microcontroller endpoints (listening for and dispatching events, persisting data to a database) a
  • Provides a web-based user interface to manage and monitor the devices.

Market place and viability

  • Targeting 3 vertical markets worth a combined $11.4b annually
  • Have demonstrated to FEMA directly to rave reviews
  • Responded to RFPs from the United Nations & other NGOs
  • Several large concert/event production companies ready to secure lease operations for their next events
  • Several corporations in need of lead times for ordering purposes
  • Here at fundedflow we also think that this product could have a military application


  • Direct selling to major customers (with a minimal order size) using a just in time production strategy across 2 of our vertical markets.
  • Offering lease based operations for concert & event production companies or smaller communities
  • Various offers for multiple international distribution partners (Africa, Middle East, India, Australia, South America)
  • Offered a pilot program in the Midwestern Division of Wal-Mart


For information about Exo and Reaction Inc visit


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