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Dutch Computer Games Company Xing Interactive Aims to Raise US$ 100,000 Using Crowdfunding Platform

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The 13 year old computer games company based in the Netherlands is using the crowdfunding platform fundedflow to raise US$ 100,000. “We are crowdfunding to expand the business” said CEO of Xing Interactive B.V, Alex de Vries.

Xing Interactive has a had a solid 13 year track record in the games industry, with a focus on development and publishing. What makes Xing Interactive a solid investment opportunity is the experience and interesting range of games they produce such as puzzle and adventure genres. “We have developed and published over 300 games and have existing international distribution channels in 32 countries” CEO Alex told fundedflow.

Xing Interactive’s sales channels are online and in retail, they include respected channel outlets such Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Walmart, Yahoo Games, Gamestop, MediaMarkt/Saturn, Carrefour, Tesco and tens of thousands of other branded outlets. The company runs its sales and support service directly and through a network of distributors.
Using crowdfunding website, Xing Interactive is now offering equity of 1 share in the company for every US$25.00 investment. The minimum divided offered to pay out to investors annually is 10% but the track record until has been a 28% annual dividend payout to existing shareholders over the past 5 years.

Xing Interactive intends to use the investment to develop new games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8, Facebook and possibly consoles. The unique perspective of this crowdfunding campaign is that the company also plans to involve the investors (if interested) in the process and give them a voice in which games will be developed next.

With over 18 years of management experience in the games industry the CEO Alex de Vries said he would be glad to answer any questions to potential investors, his contact details and the crowdfunding page can be found on fundedflows website or by following this link: Xing Interactive crowdfunding page

More information about Xing Interactive can be found on and

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