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Top Tips For Using Video In Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding campaigns with video are more likely to attract and raise funds than campaigns without video. People are conditioned to respond to television commercials and stories they can relate to emotionally and from a multimedia perspective.

With computing, tablet, smartphone and social media tools – video consumption and sharing are now effortless. Consider these tips and the Magnetie campaign to create your crowdfunding campaign video:

  • Introduce the topic and yourself to help people with context and engage.
  • Briefly and clearly explain what you’re trying to achieve with your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Provide proof points your campaign is credible and trustworthy.
  • Describe the perks you’ll offer in return for funding and sharing support.
  • Create audible, brief video that uses cutaways and music as appropriate.
  • Collaborate with someone who has video recording and editing skills and equipment.
  • Tell a meaningful story that many people will relate to and want to share via email, social media and word of mouth


Be believable. Make sure you come across real and sincere. Be natural and tell your story.

Focus on benefits. In the case of a product campaign, explain how your offering will make people’s lives easier, more enjoyable and less stressful.

Use real photos and HD video. Show people you have something finished to offer. This will help them remember you and enhance their confidence in your potential.

Be authentic, professional clever and fun. Campaign contributors are often your first customers and fans. Their interaction early on with your video pitch and campaign will help define your end customer profile going forward.

Look at examples on the web and Youtube if your unsure you can try using Video Traffic Academy 


Do not make unrealistic promises. Make sure your goals are accomplishable in the timeframe you set.

Do not use just renderings. Illustrations and early prototypes can be a great way to describe your product or goal visually but, by themselves, they can impact crowdfunding results because they send a message that you’re not ready.

Do not make a long video. Make sure the first 30 seconds of your video captures the viewer’s attention and gets people excited about what you’re doing; target 2 minutes for your video length.

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