Fundedflow is a crowdfunding platform and community for all your Ideas, Projects or Causes. Fundedflow has been developed for game developers, writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, social-organisations, software and app developers, anyone and everyone, to help you make great things possible.

Crowdfunding is a unique way that you can create a campaign to raise funds from family, friends, fans and investors, people who believe in you because your idea, project or cause. We think it's the best way to get support, receive funding and make your startup idea, project or cause a reality.

We offer individuals, groups and organisations a way to raise funds by hosting a campaign on Fundedflow. You must offer tangible or intangible rewards "Givebacks" to backers in return for their contributions. Your campaign must have a funding goal and a time limit (e.g. from 1 - 60 days) set by you, the campaign creator. During this time you spread the word about your amazing idea, project or cause to your fans, friends, family, investors and any strangers and sponsors you can wow with your story. They can then visit fundedflow, become a 'Backer' by DONATING or INVESTING in your campaign and receive exclusive rewards or investment GIVEBACKS in return.

Fundedflow can be used for anyone to support - individual entrepreneurs, groups and startups worldwide. We do highly encourage global talent to try using our platform. Fundedflow is open to talent and backers from all over the world. Project creation is open Globally and currently available to individuals who meet the requirements below.

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You must provide a fixed address
  • You must have a bank account
  • You must have a valid credit card

Anyone, anywhere in the world can contribute to a campaign and become a Backer.

Why not? Change the world, change sombodys life and make a difference, chip in a little bit of money to help realise someone's dreams." Contribute to campaigns on Fundedflow & Fund The Change You Want To See!

Unlike traditional methods of contributions (donations) to various individuals or organisations like charities and religious institutions where you are often kept in the dark about how your funds are being used - and your funds are more often than not misused, Fundedflow offers a highly transparent platform where people can contribute to their favourite campaigns - making them a reality - getting a chance to see the exact usage of their funds - and also getting awesome and exclusive rewards in return.

So keep a little money aside every week to do a good deed, by funding people's dreams!

Anyone that meets the requirements for creating a project is eligible to launch one on Funded Flow, Just click the "Start a project" button on the main menu to begin building your project.

The amount of time it takes to build a project depends on how much work has been done ahead of time. If your give back tiers are already sketched out and your video is ready to go, you can get started pretty quickly. If you want to take longer to sculpt your project page, that’s cool too. You can always edit your project and revisit it later.

We allow most startup ideas, creative projects across Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Ecommerce, Events, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Media, Mobile, Photography, Publishing, Science, Technology, Web, Writing and much more.

Everything on Fundedflow must also be a project and by definition have a clear business plan. A project has a clearly planned goal, like making an album, publishing a book, creating a prototype, building a product, developing an app or launching a website or digital marketpalce. A project will eventually be completed, and something will be produced by it.

Fundedflow does not allow "fund my life" projects, but some causes are permited.

Our staff does a quick review of projects before they launch to ensure they fit this criteria.

  • Make a detailed budget of your costs. Use this to set your funding goal.
  • Do your research, before launching a new idea or business you need to see what’s already in the market
  • Nail down a solid business plan containing everything you will need to get your business or idea to market successfully
  • Brainstorm with friends or colleagues about what rewards or returns you are going to offer and any other project ideas
  • Check out the Fundedflow community and our news blog for helpful tips and ideas
  • Have a marketing and engagement plan for spreading the word about the project.
  • Running a project is a lot of fun and a lot of work. Make sure you're ready before you launch!


Funded Flow is free to join and there are no hidden or recurring fee. You use our services to raise money for your cause. Unlike other crowdfunding websites, you get to keep the money you’ve raised regardless of whether you’ve reached your fundraising goal or not. (This option is only available for certain types of projects: only for projects that can still meet their promised reward and gift obligations made during a campaign). Funded Flow takes 10 percent of the money you’ve raised for your projects. When a contributor pays by credit card or PayPal, the credit card company and PayPal standard processing fees apply. Check with PayPal and credit card processors for current rates. Third-party fees do not apply for refunded contributions. If a project requires a minimum funding goal, and that goal was not met, a refund will be given to all contributors. Changes to fees are effective after we provide you with notice by posting the changes on the Site. You are responsible for paying all fees and taxes associated with your use of the Service.

Financial Kinetics Ltd is the registered company name and offical trading name used by the fundedflow brand and the fundedflow.com website. All our financial, legal and regulatory processing is done through this entity.